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Provide a Platform….


Friends of Chintsa provides a platform for individuals and groups of people to implement developmental and rights-based initiatives which address social, ecological and economic challenges to support the residents of Chintsa and surrounds to realize their full potential.


Current initiatives include Unstressed Surf School, Uniform Project, Bear Necessities, JAM and Chintsa Runners.  These initiatives are driven by Champions – individuals and groups who implement their initiatives - on a volunteer basis - through Friends of Chintsa.  This way they are able to access the organisation’s accountability infrastructure (e.g. NPO and PBO status, bank account, audited financials) and our internationally reaching support network while being able to draw on the network’s skills and experience.

Human rights workshop hosted by Bulungula Incubator

Strengthen existing capabilities of individuals and organisations...


Strengthening existing capabilities of local community based organisations and civil society actors - especially amongst the youth - has become increasingly important.  Depending on the human and financial resources available, support ranges from sponsoring of capacity development opportunities for individuals to personalised support for organisations individual focusing on, project development, implementation, organisational accountability and formal fundraising.  In the latter case the end goal is for organisations to be able to fundraise independently.  Until then Friends works with the partner organisations to co-develop proposals that are submitted through Friends with the entire project cycle being used as a practical learning experience.


Friends also often takes on the role of conduit or administrator of donations (cash and other) intended for local organisations, groups or individuals.  Finally as our network expands, Friends continues to facilitate the building of connections and relationships between people, organisations and businesses in Chintsa and around the world.


Organisations supported to date include the local schools (Chintsa East Primary School, Bulugha Farm School, African Angels Independent School); early childhood development (ECD) centres (Ikwezilomso Educare, Acacia Tree Nursery School, Ngxingxolo Crèche); sports groups (boxing, netball); the Chintsa East Soup Kitchen and the African Angels Trust

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