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JAM (Joint Aid Management) provides 75% of the daily nutrition needs of a child under the age of 6.  With the government feeding scheme only servicing grade 1 and up, JAM has become invaluable to supporting the nutrition of children in Grade Rs and crèches, nursery schools and early childhood development centres around South Africa. 


Although the porridge, along with bowls and spoons, is offered free, the schools and creches need to be able to fetch the 25kg bags from the distribution point and transport them back.  This is often quite a challenge for our local centres which who would require at least four different taxis to cover the 100km round trip.  So in 2015, Lynne Price, started fetching and delivering the JAM on a monthly basis.  She has also been able to help centres get onto the programme and is now transporting 10 bags to 7 local centres namely Acacia Tree Nursery School, Ikwezilomso Educare, Buluga Farm School, Chintsa East Primary school, Nkwezana Primary School, African Angels Independent School and Chintsa East Soup Kitchen feeding up to 230 children five days a week during the school term.


The JAM is made by mixing the powder with either cold or hot water which is a challenge for some centres which don’t have drinking water.  Rats can also get into the powder if it is not stored correctly.  If you would like to support this initiative please click on the Donate button above to contribute towards mental storage trunks, as well as guttering, water tanks, taps and people to put them up.


Contact Details:

Lynne Price: (0)82 327 3917


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