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Champion your initiative...

If you are already Championing (or want to start championing) an initiative close to your heart that addresses local social, ecological and/or economic challenges and would like to discuss the possibility of partnering with us then please do contact us.

Support an existing initiative...

If you would like to support one of our existing initiatives with your time or any other way please contact either the Champions directly or Friends of Chintsa so we can connect you!


Contribute to Friends of Chintsa’s work; one of our Champion’s initiatives; or to one of the local organisation we work with! 


You can either donate either directly into our bank account or through our fund receiving platform GivenGain (click on the 'Donate' button on the right). 

If you want to contribute to a specific initiative or organisation please make sure you include the name in your reference (e.g. Unstressed, Uniform, Bear, Jam, Runners).

Contribute your company’s CSI spend...

Companies are compelled to contribute towards worthwhile causes.  If you would like to contribute your CSI/CRS (Corporate Social Investment/Responsibility) spend then please do contact us.

Tax deductible status: Friends of Chintsa is a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO 93 00 55 764) and therefore issues Section 18(A) receipts on request, to facilitate tax deductions in the hands of the donors. 

B-BBEE rating: Friends of Chintsa has a 100% B-BBEE rating in the Social Responsibility Category


Visit Chintsa....

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